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Marni Derr

Writer   |   Web Developer   |   Teacher

Technical Writer

So mom said, ‘You can’t make a living as a writer! You’ll starve. Become an alcoholic and have to sell your body!’ So I quite accidentally did – not sell my body – become a writer of sorts. Technical. After two years chasing down a computer science degree I found there was a lot I wasn’t getting – or retaining. So I started re-writing technical stuff. Landed some contracts, wrote some more and found I was really good at writing highly technical stuff for largely non-technical people.

After that stint in college I wrote User Guides, Sofware Guides, Service Guides, Hardware Guides, Network Guides and all sorts of technical how to’s and how nots to.

My List of clients: Xerox, Tektronix, Adobe, Frieghtliner, AKQA, Synetics, Intel, Microsoft and half a dozen more…

…and around 2010 or so the tech writing boom was over and they were letting most of us go… huh?!

Web Developer / Designer

Ok, so work is sort of drying up with the internet bubble burst. What else have I always wanted to do? Artist! But mom said, ‘You can’t make a living as an artist!’ Yeah, yeah… I’ll starve, become an alcoholic and have to sell my body. Well, only if Momma Dom’s are in.

So off I go again back to college. Another two years and I’ve got a Multi-Media / Internet Certification-sort-of-degree and I’m combining my love of tech and design… Web Designer! Perfect time too, everyone wants one, but few have one!

So I start designing and developing websites using popular CMS’ like Joomla & WordPress (That’s a Content Management System that makes everything pretty easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy). Again I’m making a pretty decent living and doing what I love – oh, what’s that mom? I actually did publish a book during this time because I couldn’t find one to teach me how to use Joomla!

I loved designing. I loved being able to help people build and use their sites. Loved it all. Though I’d love to list them all here, sites are ever evolving so I’ll give you the ones I’m currently working on:

  • Klovera – Great company that I work for helping them maintain Joomla and WordPress sites.
  • – One of the last clients I still help out and manage their site.
  • Cue Raven Publishing – This is my company. Did I mention I also layout and format books? No?
    This is currently my baby. A large network of sites for Artists, Writers, Bloggers, and other creatives to turn their creativity into lucrative income. Here I take all my loves and hobbies and help others with the technical aspects of their business.
    Check it out – explains way more there, than here.


My fondest hobby. Growing, creating, crafting, cooking. Let’s face it, no offense – large conglomorate food corporations and grocers – but your food tastes, well… quite frankly awful. If it tastes of anything at all. So I grow my herbs, veg, and fruits. I make my butter, cheese, and bread. It just tastes better. And hey… it certainly helps the pocket book!

Ok mom, I got that from you. Hmmm, maybe I’ll write some books with my own drawings in them… wink

Fiction Author

PS… Yup, I’m finally getting around to my fiction now but under a pen name in order to keep my tech side and creative side seperate. Damn you Google! 

Because it’s much easier now mom! And I won’t starve, or live under a bridge, or become an alcoholic. 

If ya wanna see what’s in the pipeline, you can go here: Elle Weickes.